The Craftsmanship of

Flora Danica

Art is more than a gifted intuition. It is an expression of immense diligence. Discover the craft and creativity behind Flora Danica. A journey from liquid clay and hand-modelling of flowers to porous biscuit porcelain, hand glazing, painting of motifs, and delicate gilding. This is the immense skill that goes into creating the pieces of Flora Danica.

The steps of creation


From the moment an order for Flora Danica is placed until it is carefully unpacked in the home of the customer, the fine porcelain has been fired at least 8 times, passed through 30 pairs of hands, and has been subject to the artistic freedom of a skilled painter, who has interpreted the historic motifs of the Flora Danica encyclopedia to create a unique illustration for each piece of porcelain.


A single wrong cut and the piece is ruined and must be discarded.

The art of flower modelling


When a flower blooms, it gently unfurls and becomes a fresh, new piece of natural art, with form & colour beyond all comparison. The flowers of the Flora Danica service are created with a deep respect for the art of nature. Tenderly handcrafted, leaf by leaf, stalk by stalk and petal by petal until they begin to take form, as fresh as a bouquet picked from a meadow. An everlasting treasure, the beauty of Flora Danica will not wilt or fade, but remain a moment to treasure for a lifetime.


Once dipped in liquid, glazed and fired, the porcelain is sealed for a lifetime.

Rare skills & craftmanship


The tradition and craft of painting Flora Danica is developed, refined and passed down through generations. The art of painting Flora Danica is a rare talent; there are less than 20 Flora Danica artists in the entire world. The craft requires years of training, an in-depth understanding of botany as well as patience, as one must slowly cultivate and let the flowers ‘bloom’ on the fine porcelain. In addition, a deep understanding of colour combination is needed, as the colour palette of Flora Danica is highly complex.


The Princess and the pea figurine epitomises the exclusive craftsmanship of Royal Copenhagen. It is the most prestigious overglaze figurine to be crafted and painted by the Flora Danica department. The two-part bonbonnière-style piece depicts a princess as beautiful and fragile as the fine porcelain from which she is made.

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How to

The Flora Danica pieces are not made to be identical. They are made to be yours. Each piece will reflect the flower painter’s artistic expression based on your choice of motif. When you order a Flora Danica piece you can choose between approx. 3000 flower motifs and 40 different forms – and we are of course at your disposal for advice and suggestions.

Are you looking for more insights – or advice on choosing your motif, please contact us here.