The stories of

Flora Danica

Flora Danica

Hold an item of Flora Danica porcelain and you hold a little bit of Danish history in your hand. Still as enchanting as when it was first envisioned, Flora Danica remains one of the world’s most prestigious and luxurious porcelain collections, and each and every piece of Flora Danica is still carefully created by hand, just as it was in the 1700s. Experience how Flora Danica has transcended eras – and always will.

The first
Flora Danica


The story of the first Flora Danica is a story of wars and alliances, of changing eras and a national identity being born.


The Flora Danica service is hand painted after the original Flora Danica botanical encyclopedia from the 18th century

The royal timeline of Flora Danica

Flora Danica is unbreakably linked to the Danish Royal Family. Follow the timeline to discover some of the greatest royal events.

“Immortal Beloved”

A classic both blends in and stands out; in any given context. It belongs to no time, but leaves its mark on all times. It is always relevant, always modern, always beautiful. Immerse in the gallery and witness the immortality of a most beloved classic: Flora Danica.

One step closer

Each flower painting is inspired by the same copper print, and the variations demonstrate how a painter uses her creative freedom to make unique products. Thus, if you order a Flora Danica piece you can never know exactly how the motif will look. And that, we believe, is the true beauty of Flora Danica. Here you can get one step closer to Flora Danica – pick up a piece and turn it around.

Tale no 2.

The first Flora Danica dinner service was ordered by King Christian VII as a diplomatic reconciliation gift for Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia.

How to

The Flora Danica pieces are not made to be identical. They are made to be yours. Each piece will reflect the flower painter’s artistic expression based on your choice of motif. When you order a Flora Danica piece you can choose between approx. 3000 flower motifs and 40 different forms – and we are of course at your disposal for advice and suggestions.

Are you looking for more insights – or advice on choosing your motif, please contact us here.